Founded in November 1878, The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd. (the "Bank") is a regional financial institution headquartered in Hiroshima Prefecture, operating primarily in Hiroshima and the three neighboring prefectures of Okayama, Yamaguchi and Ehime. In addition to Branches and Offices in Japan, the Bank has representative offices in Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore covering the entire area of East and Southeast Asia. Taking advantage of its extensive network, the Bank is providing comprehensive financial services including deposit taking, lending, money transfers, foreign currency exchange, and trustee services, along with investment trust sales and life insurance policies and other commercial banking activities.
Corporate Data   (As of September 30, 2018, non-consolidated)

Head Office 1-7, Nishikaniya 1-chome, Nakaku, Hiroshima
732-0804, Japan [temporary office]
Tel: 81 (82) 247-5151

Commom Stock ¥54,573 million

Balance of deposits + NCD
¥7,494.7 billion

Balance of loans ¥5,947.2 billion

Employees 3,500

Office 151 domestic branches, 16 sub-branches,
and 3 overseas representative offices
(Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore)

Capital Adequacy Ratio

Shareholders 17,781
1878 The 66th National Bank (predecessor of Hiroshima Bank) began operation in Onomichi
1920 Geibi Bank was established (Head office was in Hiroshima city) by merging six banks including 66th National Bank
1945 New Geibi Bank was established by merging five banks in Hiroshima Prefecture including Geibi Bank
1950 Changed name of bank into Hiroshima Bank
1970 Listed Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange
2018 140th anniversary of the founding of the Bank
Board of Directors, Executive Officers and Audit & Supervisory Board Members
As of January 1, 2019
Chairman Koji Ikeda
President Toshio Heya
Director & Senior Managing Executive Officers Tohru Hirota
Yusou Araki
Director & Managing Executive Officers Yasushi Kojiri
Katsuhiko Nakama
Akira Maeda
External Directors Masahiro Sumikawa
Kaori Maeda
Satoshi Miura
Managing Executive Officers Hiroshi Honkawa
Ikuo Kojiri
Masahiro Koike
Akira Ogi
Executive Officers Masataka Hatate
Atsuhiro Kunimura
Kimio Okano
Hiroyuki Higashiyama
Kazuo Kiyomune
Fumitsugu Kariyada
Hideki Toi
Koji Hakoda
Shinichi Fukamachi
Audit & Supervisory Board Members Hiroyuki Mizutani
Hitoshi Katayama
External Audit & Supervisory Board Members Yasutoshi Takei
Yoshinori Takahashi
Masako Yoshida